Inspiration Board Friday!

Since this blog is new to me, I thought that a great way to start off would be by having a weekly segment. Every Friday, from now on I’ll be posting a picture of my inspiration board, and what happens to be inspiring me that week. My inspiration board is something I DIY’d, and it was amazingly easy to make. I originally had it because I always had homework papers all over my room and could never find them in the morning. Over time, I would just stick things up there that I found in magazines and really loved, or reminders and occasionally even a photo or two.

lucy photo

This week, I have a dollar bill, a few words, a necklace,a picture of a model, two shirts, an outfit, a dress and a picture of me with my grandfather when I was a baby.

The dollar keeps reminding to save my money instead of spending it on stupid little things with my friends. The necklace reminded me of something I had as a child and I had to cut it out. The dress, an idea for a wedding I’m going to. The outfit and two shirts are ideas for my first day of school (!). And finally, the words are there to remind me to stay true to what I love and not follow fads or fashions because everybody else is wearing them. I think that this something everybody should do and apply it to other parts of their life.

Have a wonderful weekend, and I hope it’s not too hot where you are!

Until next time,


P.S. Comment down below if you want a tutorial on how to make the inspiration board!


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